Samsung refrigerator lets you view contents remotely

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Not to be outdone by LG Electronics’ announcement of a refrigerator that opens by itself, Samsung Electronics introduced a refrigerator that shows you what’s inside, even when you’re away from home.

The Family Hub Refrigerator drew media attention before the International Consumer Electronics Show because of the 21.5-inch high-definition LCD screen that’s located on the four-door French-door refrigerator’s upper right door. However, Samsung’s screen, which lights up when you approach it, does more than merely stream music or TV or post images of children’s art or notes.

According to Samsung, three cameras that are inside of the refrigerator capture images every time that the door closes. You can view what’s inside on the screen or on a connected device through a free Samsung mobile app so you can check your refrigerator from, say, the grocery store, Samsung says.

You also can order groceries and have them delivered (depending on the retailer) from your refrigerator through an integrated app by Mastercard.

If you type in expiration dates, the refrigerator will send alerts to your Samsung app to remind you that, say, the milk is about to go bad.

The Family Hub Refrigerator, which includes Samsung’s FlexZone feature that allows you to turn part of the refrigerator into a freezer, is expected to go on sale in spring 2016. It has a reported price of $5,000, although Samsung didn’t confirm that.