Samsung shows off double laundry pair

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Two washers, two dryers, one laundry pair. Huh?

At the International Consumer Electronics Show, Samsung unveiled what it calls a four-in-one laundry system. The FlexWash + FlexDry laundry pair includes a washing machine and dryer that each have two separate compartments.

The FlexWash washer has a 5-cubic-foot front-loading compartment for normal loads and a 1-cubic-foot top-load washer for small loads or delicates. (When we last evaluated front-loading washers, we found only five models out of 57 total that had a capacity that's larger than 5 cubic feet.) Both are operated independently and can be run simultaneously on different settings, Samsung says.

LG’s SideKick mini washer can be paired with a full-size LG washer to create a similar “double” washer, but Samsung’s washer requires only one water line, whereas LG’s system requires two. (The SideKick now can be installed under an LG dryer as well as an LG washer.)

However, Samsung’s FlexDry double dryer is unique. The main compartment is a front-load 7.5-cubic-foot tumble dryer. (When we last evaluated dryers, we found only 10 models out of 110 total that had a capacity larger than this.) The top-loading dry zone is a lay-flat compartment where delicate items can be dried by the use of a controlled heated air flow. The zone adjusts the heat between room temperature and 95 degrees Fahrenheit, Samsung says.

The FlexWash + FlexDry laundry pair also includes Wi-Fi connectivity, so that you can control the appliances through a mobile app that’s on your smartphone or tablet computer. Samsung says it would announce a release date and price later.