Sonos speaker to have multiple digital assistants

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Lost in the introduction of an array of Google products that rely on the Google Assistant digital assistant, Sonos announced a smart speaker that eventually will give you access to multiple digital assistants.

The maker of high-end streaming-audio systems announced the Sonos One, which will be available Oct. 24, 2017, for $199.

Upon launch, the Sonos One will have Amazon Alexa voice-control capability as well as the capability to stream at least 80 audio services, including Amazon Music, Pandora and SiriusXM satellite radio. Sonos says voice control for streaming-audio service Spotify will come later.

However, in 2018, the Sonos One also will gain access to the Google Assistant, which, Sonos says, will make it the first speaker that supports multiple digital assistants.

Further, in 2018, the Sonos One will begin to support Apple’s AirPlay 2 streaming technology, which means that you’ll be able to stream audio from an Apple device—and, thus, Apple Music—to the speaker. You’ll be able to use Apple’s digital assistant, Siri, to control the music but only through the Apple device, not the speaker.