Streaming-video STB could be bundled with Amazon Prime

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Amazon might roll out its own streaming-video set-top box in time for the holiday season, a Wall Street Journal report says.

Amazon hasn’t announced any prices or the availability of its streaming-video set-top box (STB), and it’s unknown which streaming-video services would be available.

However, streaming-video services analyst Dan Rayburn tells Consumers Digest that Amazon likely will give you its STB free if you purchase a subscription to Amazon Prime, which is the company’s streaming-video service.

As a result, Rayburn believes that Amazon might offer an attractive deal for consumers, particularly if Amazon were to include an STB with an $80 annual Amazon Prime subscription. By comparison, you’d pay $99 for an Apple TV streaming-video device alone. “That’s a deal too good to beat,” Rayburn says.

Rayburn believes that the inclusion of the streaming-video STB in an Amazon Prime subscription package would be in line with Amazon’s prior approach to pricing its hardware products. For instance, Amazon announced in October 2012 that it sells its hardware products, including its tablet computers, for the same price that it pays to have the products made. Amazon recoups that cost by selling digital content that’s available for its hardware devices, the company says.

– K. Fanuko