With Carousel app, Dropbox expands to data sharing from data storage

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Dropbox, which is a digital file-storage cloud service, launched a mobile application for Apple iOS and Google Android mobile devices that allows you to share videos and images without storage limitations.

The app, which is called Carousel, combines images from your Dropbox account with any images or videos that are stored on your smartphone or tablet computer and organizes them chronologically. Carousel automatically backs up new images and videos to Dropbox as you capture them.

Dropbox says you can share hundreds of images with family and friends in the same amount of time that it would take to send one image by text message. People who receive a group of images can select which ones they want to add to their own Carousel collection. You also can send messages to others who have shared images or videos with you.

Dropbox accounts start with 2GB of free space. You can access more free space when you refer friends to the service. Accounts that have up to 100GB of storage cost $10 per month.