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A Best Buy in Pet-Containment Systems
Perimeter Technologies
Perimeter Technologies


[E] The inclusion of a progressive correction distinguishes the PCC-200 from other entry-level systems. Notable also for the price is a base 1/2-acre enclosure area, the inclusion of a training DVD and a lifetime warranty.

Technical Specifications
Warranty Information

Note:  For purposes of this presentation, details provided apply to model named above photo area and not necessarily to models occasionally mentioned as being “also a Best Buy.”

Best Buys in underground pet-containment systems were selected based on features, warranty and the company’s reputation for quality.

Automatic shut-off refers to an underground pet-containment system’s capability to stop triggering static correction automatically if the animal lingers in the correction zone. For Best Buy selections, this duration is noted.

Progressive correction intensifies the correction of a pet based on the animal’s distance from a boundary and the speed at which the animal approaches the boundary.

Unless otherwise noted, Best Buy underground pet-containment systems don’t require professional installation.

Best Price is a reflection of the lowest retail price that was available at press time and is subject to change.

Best Buy Categories: [P] = Premium selection; [M] = Midrange selection; [E] = Economy selection