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Apple offers reduced price on iPhone battery

Models that are older than the iPhone 6, seen above with the IPhone 6 Plus, won't be eligible for the offer.

After a wave of criticism that included accusations of forcing customers to upgrade their cellphones, Apple lowered the price of replacement batteries on most of its iPhone models.

Apple says any out-of-warranty battery that has to be replaced will cost $29 through the end of 2018, which is down from $79. It further says it will update its iOS operating system, so users are able see whether the battery is affecting their smartphone’s performance.

Unfortunately, the offer is good only for users of iPhone 6 or later models. Owners of older iPhone models will have to go to a third-party source to have their battery replaced.

Apple faces multiple lawsuits after recent disclosures that it has been throttling back the performance of older iPhone models. This was done, the company insists, not to force upgrades but to manage aging batteries, which it says can cause unwanted shutdowns.

According to reports, Apple will replace the battery at the lower price regardless of whether the battery passes a performance test in an Apple store.