Listeria possible in certain Sunseed parrot, rabbit food

June 19, 2017—Vitakraft Sun Seed recalled certain Sunseed Parrot Fruit & Vegetable food and Sunseed SunSations rabbit food, because they might be contaminated with the bacterium Listeria monocytogenes, which can cause serious and sometimes-fatal infections in people who have a weakened immune system. If the animals consume Listeria-infected products, they might become carriers of the infection and might present a risk to humans.

Potential child-safety hazard from Madison Mill No. 23, 25 foldaway/expandable gates

June 8, 2017—Madison Mill recalled item No. 23 and item No. 25 foldaway/expandable safety gates, because a young child might fit her/his neck into the V-shaped opening that’s along the top edge of the gate, which poses entrapment and strangulation hazards. Also, a child might be able to pass under the gate to restricted areas, such as stairs.

Zutano’s Cozie Booties pose choking hazard

April 27, 2017—Zutano Global recalled its Cozie Booties for infants, because the non-slip rubber grips that are on the bottom of the booties might detach, which poses a choking hazard.

Target magnetic tic-tac-toe game poses choking, ingestion hazards

March 30, 2017—Target recalled its magnetic tic-tac-toe games, because the magnets might come off the game pieces, which poses a choking hazard. Also, when two or more magnets are swallowed, they might link together inside of the intestines and clamp onto bodily tissues. As a result, this might lead to intestinal obstructions, perforations, sepsis and death. Internal injury from magnets might pose serious lifelong health effects.

Certain Oball rattles pose choking hazard

March 3, 2017—Kids II recalled Oball rattles, because the clear-plastic discs that are on the outside of the ball can break and release small beads, which poses a choking hazard.

Certain Britax B-Agile and BOB Motion strollers pose fall hazard to infants

Feb. 16, 2017—Britax recalled certain B-Agile and BOB Motion strollers that have Click & Go receivers, because a damaged receiver mount that’s on the affected strollers might cause the seat to disconnect from the stroller and fall unexpectedly, which poses a fall hazard to an infant in the car seat.