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Healthy Living

Device limits effect of hand tremors

Startup company Lift Labs designed a product that’s intended to counteract tremors and give people who have essential tremor or Parkinson’s disease the opportunity to eat challenging foods, such as soup, and perform other tasks that require a steady hand.

Healthy Living

California paves way for safer furniture

A change to California law will help to reduce hazardous dust in homes across the United States, a University of California-Berkeley professor tells us, in what he calls a “sea change” in the way that furniture is made.


Analyst expects more smaller electronics stores

Consumers have bought more of their electronics online since 2000, while brick-and-mortar retailers have shut locations because of shrinking sales. However, retail stores aren’t doomed, says a stock analyst who covers brick-and-mortar and online retailers.

What's New

Anti-fraud chips in credit cards

Aite Group released a report in June 2014 that states that by the end of 2015, 70 percent of U.S. credit cards will contain a microchip that protects against credit-card fraud.


Apple may lower Beats pricing

Innovation and lower prices are the outcomes that consumers should expect from Apple’s purchase of headphone maker Beats by Dr. Dre, two industry officials predict.

Your Money

Attention pays off for 401(k) investments

According to a study that was published in May 2014 by National Bureau of Economic Research, which is a nonpartisan organization, investors who follow the stock market and read financial newsletters add an average of $125,000 to a typical 401(k) retirement fund.

Consumer Alert

Banks’ privacy rules changing

Financial institutions might not have to send their customers a privacy notice and disclosure every year if the government enacts Consumer Financial Protection Bureau’s proposed rule.