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FDA warns against testosterone use, requires label change

March 5, 2015—As we expected, Food and Drug Administration recommends that doctors prescribe testosterone therapy only for men who have low testosterone levels that are caused by certain medical conditions and are confirmed by laboratory tests, not because of aging.

Your Money

Action on chip credit cards remains slow

An executive order that was signed by President Obama in October 2014 calls for federal agencies to issue chip-and-PIN credit cards (cards that require the use of a PIN) and to start the transition to payment-processing terminals that accept such cards.

Car Smart

Android vehicle? Not yet

Google released its Android Auto application programming interface (API) to the public in November 2014. Developers can start to adapt their Android mobile applications to be displayed on the screen of an automobile’s smart-entertainment system.

Healthy Living

Bad marriage leads to heart disease?

In December 2014, sociologists at Michigan State University and The University of Chicago published a study in Journal of Health and Social Behavior that found that a bad marriage can lead to cardiovascular disease, particularly in women.

Consumer Alert

Beware of drive-by doctoring fraud

In September 2014, The New York Times reported on the practice of “drive-by doctoring.” The publication referred to it as a common practice: Doctors, assistants, consultants or hospital employees charge fees to patients or their insurers by inserting themselves into medical treatment without the knowledge of the patient.

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Business loans on the rise

The strengthening economic recovery has loosened banks’ purse strings, Small Business Administration (SBA) says. Consequently, now might be a good time to seek an SBA-backed loan if you’re a small-business owner.