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Fire and impact hazards in certain Imusa espresso makers

Dec. 1, 2016—Imusa recalled certain models of its espresso makers, because the filler cap that’s on the top of the unit might crack and allow steam to escape, which poses a burn hazard. Also, the cap might pop off unexpectedly when pressure builds, which poses an impact hazard.


Listeria possible in certain Sabra hummus products

Nov. 21, 2016—Sabra Dipping recalled certain hummus products that were made before Nov. 8, 2016, because the products might be contaminated with the bacterium Listeria monocytogenes. Listeria can cause serious and sometimes fatal infections in people who have a weakened immune system.


Undeclared milk and soy in certain Heinz gravy

Nov. 21, 2016—Heinz recalled about 500 cases of its Heinz HomeStyle Bistro Au Jus Gravy, because some jars might be mislabeled as Heinz Pork gravy and therefore aren’t labeled as containing milk and soy. People who have an allergy or sensitivity to milk or soy might have a serious or a life-threatening reaction when they consume the product.