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Weight-loss supplement marketers settle FTC charges

Jan. 29, 2015—Federal Trade Commission charged that the defendants falsely claimed that the supplement could cause consumers to lose up to 17 pounds and 16 percent of their body fat in 12 weeks without diet or exercise—a claim that supposedly was backed by clinical study.


FDA approves new psoriasis treatment

Jan. 26, 2015—Food and Drug Administration approved a medication to treat adult patients who have moderate to severe plaque psoriasis, which is the most common form of the skin condition.


Microsoft streamlines the experience with Windows 10

Jan. 23, 2015—Microsoft unveiled the newest generation of its Windows operating system, which the company says will deliver a universal platform for all compatible devices rather than separate interfaces for computers and mobile devices as previous versions of the operating system did.


Experts: New weight-loss surgery has limited appeal

Jan. 21, 2015—Food and Drug Administration approved a weight-loss treatment device that’s designed as an alternative to gastric bypass surgery for certain obese patients, but two experienced bariatric surgeons tell us that weight-loss patients have better options.