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Experts: ACA changes to hurt consumers in 2018

Oct. 17, 2017—Consumers will be hurt by the Trump administration’s moves to change the Affordable Care Act (ACA), experts tell us. The only questions are by how much and whether that will change in the years ahead.


Genesis G70 sedan unveiled

Sept. 15, 2017—After it pulled the wraps off its newest and smallest sedan, Hyundai Motor says the sedan lineup for its Genesis luxury brand is complete.


Apple unveils iPhone’s ‘future’

Sept. 12, 2017—Apple’s annual September product unveiling went as expected by technology forecasters almost to the letter. If anything, the surprise was at how many models of iPhone will be available for the holiday season.


Equifax breach remedy has limits

Sept. 8, 2017—After it revealed that a major breach of its records took place, credit bureau Equifax is offering to help you to protect yourself from the potential of identification theft.

Car Smart

Parking locator to make debut in vehicles

Parking-spot locators will be integrated into vehicles as automakers continue to explore ways that they can minimize smartphone-use distraction by drivers, according to transportation-system analyst Adela Spulber. 

Car Smart

Expert: Safety feature might be negated

We informed readers in “Auto Insurers: Hardly Progressive,” in our July/August 2017 issue, that automobile insurance companies typically don’t provide a premium discount to owners of vehicles that have advanced safety systems.