Related Department Briefs

Beware of breast milk sold online

Mothers who aren’t able to produce enough breast milk might turn to websites that sell breast milk. However, you can’t be sure that you’re buying 100 percent human milk.

FTC: Top 10 complaints in 2014

Identity theft remains the No. 1 complaint that’s submitted to Federal Trade Commission. It’s the 15th consecutive year in which ID theft topped the list.

Don’t count on ‘latex-free’ claims

You can’t be certain of the accuracy of “latex-free,” “does not contain latex” or “does not contain natural rubber latex” claims that are listed on medical products, such as bandages, condoms and medical gloves.

‘Bureau of Defaulters’ doesn’t exist

Federal Trade Commission alerted consumers in March 2015 to a scam about an email that purports to derive from “Bureau of Defaulters Agency-FTC.” FTC alerts consumers that no such group exists, plus, FTC doesn’t send such emails to consumers.

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