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An electric pickup?

Plug-in-hybrid-pickup manufacturer Workhorse will hasten work on the consumer version of its W-15 model that’s designed for corporate fleets.

Expert: Three of concept’s features desirable

The likelihood that a concept vehicle will make it onto the dealership floor is slim. Such vehicles are used more to gauge consumer reaction to their features than they are to preview an automobile that will be produced.

Aftermarket rearview cameras

For those who drive an older automobile, equipping it with an aftermarket rearview camera might not provide the same quality or performance that a factory-installed version provides.

Hydrogen cars: No chemistry

In April 2017, Toyota announced the launch of a feasibility study that will examine the performance of hydrogen-fuel-cell-vehicle (FCV) technology in heavy-duty applications. 

Beware of consumer reviews

Product reviews that are posted on shopping websites, including, don’t provide an accurate reflection of the product’s actual benefit. 

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