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Shining a little light on pickups

According to Insurance Institute for Highway Safety (IIHS), pickups are leaving drivers’ vision obscured when it comes to the vehicles’ headlights.

Hey, salesman: Don’t “baby” me!

As the CEO of a company that champions the equitable treatment of women in the automobile-shopping realm, Jody DeVere’s work includes training automobile salespeople in regard to what’s inappropriate when a woman shops for a vehicle—new or used—at their dealership.

Manuals stuck in neutral

Just because Ferrari is abandoning manual transmissions, that doesn't mean that U.S. sporty cars will follow. However, don't expect more manuals, either.

Expert: Tesla’s charges for full power a one-off

An automobile analyst tells Consumers Digest that you shouldn’t worry that automakers will make you pay extra to get full mileage performance out of their electric vehicles (EV)—even though one automaker already does.

Ford takes the wheel

Ford claims that its new adaptive-steering technology alleviates driver fatigue, which occurs during long hauls and daily driving, by providing easier steering at all speeds.

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