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Phone interfaces: Is Toyota dis-connected?

In June 2016, Toyota provided its most detailed explanation as of press time of what the April 2016 launch of its Toyota Connected mobile-analytics initiative will bring to the table.

Modified vans’ safety handicap

Although some companies that convert minivans and other vehicles to accommodate those who are in a wheelchair (converters) crash-test their vehicles, the safety of those converted vehicles is debatable, according to sources.

Sizing up the next Fiesta

A car that’s landed among Consumers Digest’s Best Buy recommendations for 6 model years in a row seems to be destined to impress even more.

Slimmer, trimmer Dodge Charger

The automotive industry is abuzz with a rumor that Dodge’s Charger is pegged to shed some weight in a couple of model years.

The little engine that probably won’t

Published reports in the consumer press were plentiful in June 2016 in regard to Nissan’s announcement that its engineering team is developing an innovative hydrogen-fuel-cell automobile.

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