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United to restrict carry-on luggage

Nov. 17, 2016—Further evidence that no matter how bad that it gets when it comes to air travel, it always could get worse comes to us through United Airlines’ announcement of a reduced-fare class that comes with restrictions attached—the biggest being a limit on the size of carry-on luggage.

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Digital passport, please

In 2015, Australia became the first country to test digital passports on smartphones. However, you shouldn’t expect digital passports to come to the United States anytime soon.

Ship shape: Buying a boat

Consumers who are in the market for a boat should be glad to hear that boat shopping is becoming easier, although some of the pitfalls that surround watercraft purchases remain.

Golf’s better value

Dwindling interest in golf is forcing golf-course operators to seek new ways to entice players, and not just by decreasing prices or offering deals.

Upscale ‘fast-fashion’?

Most shoppers who frequent so-called fast-fashion clothing stores, such as Forever 21 and Zara, are on the hunt for a designer look at an affordable price.

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