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Consumers Digest’s Auto Archive: The Informed Used-Car Shopper’s Tool

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Simply stated, we believe that exceptional new cars make better used cars. Within our new Auto Archives information resource, you can see previous Consumers Digest automotive Best Buys. That makes the Auto Archive a great place for smart used-car shoppers to start.

In the Auto Archive, you easily can find and compare expert reviews, standard equipment, specifications, features, options and historical pricing information on thousands of late-model vehicles. Our format also allows you to thoroughly compare up to three vehicles side by side. Another valuable option highlights the advantages and disadvantages of each vehicle that you select, which makes it easier to identify your purchase priorities.

Of course, you also can search by make or vehicle segment. Always keep in mind that most models comes in a variety of trim levels. It's important to make sure that the trim levels that you research match those that you’re considering. Once you decide on the exact year, make, model and trim level, shop around and negotiate for the best price from a position of strength.

So, click the link at left or the ad at right to explore and shift the leverage in your favor.

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