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Consumer Alert

  • RFID-blocking-product ads mislead consumers

    Advertising by the manufacturers of products that block the radio-frequency identification (RFID) signal of certain cards from scammers, including sleeves and wallets, allows consumers to presume that the products are more useful than they actually are.

  • Infant monitors: Not so smart

    It’s not uncommon for new parents to use a baby monitor, so they can keep an ear or eye on their child. However, you should steer clear of a new type of monitor.

  • Free charging stations

    If you have a choice to use a free public USB charging station or a traditional electrical outlet, it’s best to use an outlet.

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Healthy Living

  • Light shed on future option for cancer patients

    New studies regarding various cancers are underway to see whether a technology that’s used in a tumor-zapping “cap” can be applied in additional ways.

  • What measures up better than BMI

    A new tool that’s used to provide you with additional information about your body composition and weight distribution is a more accurate indication of health compared with a measurement that has been used by health-care professionals for years, its developers say.

  • Framing the discussion about epileptic seizures

    Patients who have generalized tonic-clonic seizures—also called convulsions—and their caregivers now can have some peace of mind in regard to sudden unexpected death in epilepsy (SUDEP).

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What's New

  • Hone sweet hone

    Those who are familiar with the process of sharpening a knife blade might balk at the thought of a knife sharpener that carries out the task via a flexible-abrasive belt. 

  • Take, don’t make, 3-D photos

    A new device is said to be the first that attaches to a smartphone so you can snap 3-D images.

  • The airline loyalty program for pets

    Korean Air’s Skypets loyalty program for pet passengers has made some aviation experts wonder whether U.S. airlines will provide such a program of their own.

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