Experts: More airlines eye use of biometrics

JetBlue’s test of facial recognition on passengers who board one of its international flights might represent the launch of the airline industry’s adoption of the technology. 

Boil it down

Combination, or combi, boilers are among the fastest growing products in the heating-equipment segment—as much as 10 times more in demand than they were 5 years ago. 

Urgent call for quality

A visit to an urgent-care center sometimes might be quicker and easier than if you make an appointment with your doctor.

Beware of consumer reviews

Product reviews that are posted on shopping websites, including, don’t provide an accurate reflection of the product’s actual benefit. 

A tankless job

As evidenced at the 2017 International Air-Conditioning, Heating, Refrigerating Exposition that was held earlier this year, nearly all of the manufacturers of tankless, or instantaneous, water heaters redesigned their products, so they facilitate a water-line connection that’s at the top of a unit in addition to a connection that’s at the bottom of it.

Salty talk

Do monks who live high up in the mountains and harvest product come to mind when you hear “Himalayan salt”? Well, this alternative to common table salt comes from Pakistan’s Punjab region, not the Himalayas.

Unscrupulous landlords, uncertain tenant support

In April 2017, New York Attorney General Eric Schneiderman unveiled legislation that’s designed to reduce the hurdles in New York City’s laws that prosecutors face to charge landlords with harassment of tenants.

Claims that get us steamed

A steam shower is, for all intents and purposes, a steam room that’s contained in a bathroom shower. According to one supplier of steam showers, demand for them jumped 44 percent as recently as 2015. 

Grocery stores evolve or die

Patience might be a virtue, but your ability to hold on to that tenet can be challenging when you’re in a checkout line at a grocery store.

Norwegian Air pricing’s effect on airline industry

A new player in transatlantic flights has the potential to affect other carriers’ prices. However, the scope of that effect likely will be felt more by midtier carriers than by major ones, and it might not last for long based on the rates that Norwegian Air Shuttle plans to offer, three sources say.

Craftsman power-tool concerns?

Can you expect Craftsman power tools that will be designed and manufactured by Stanley Black & Decker after its purchase of the iconic brand in January 2017 to deliver the level of performance for which Craftsman is known? We believe that you can.

Don’t go chasing waterfalls

Three experts whom we interviewed believe that a downsizing might be underway in the marketplace for water features for the home.