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Work Sharp

Those who are familiar with the process of sharpening a knife blade might balk at the thought of a knife sharpener that carries out the task via a flexible-abrasive belt. The senses of those who conceived a seemingly unique consumer knife sharpener of this type weren’t dulled to this concern.

The Culinary knife sharpener from Work Sharp uses a design that is employed in the knife-manufacturing process. Derrick Bohn of online-knives retailer Knivesshipfree.com says, “It [the knife sharpener] allows consumers to use a powered system that allows the abrasive to conform to the shape of the edge, to allow it to sharpen efficiently, with a very low learning curve.”

A caveat that Bohn provides involves the risk that a knife sharpener that uses a flexible, abrasive belt might remove an excessive amount of metal and damage the knife edge. Work Sharp spokesperson Chris Loeffler agrees. “Users can literally create a sharp edge on a butter knife,” he explains. However, he adds, “We took material take-off [to be] very important ... because we knew the first challenge we would have to overcome [from a consumer] is ‘I have a $150 knife and don’t want to ruin it.’”

Loeffler assures us that the Culinary knife sharpener was constructed so it includes abrasives and backing material that are designed to create cool, consistent and measured take-off of material. “It’s not just sandpaper,” he says.

—C. Maynard