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CES 2018: More is more

Jan. 10, 2018—After covering the International Consumer Electronics Show (CES) for at least a decade, we’ve become a bit jaded with regard to the news that’s generated at the event.

Apple offers reduced price on iPhone battery

Jan. 2, 2018—After a wave of criticism that included accusations of forcing customers to upgrade their cellphones, Apple lowered the price of replacement batteries on most of its iPhone models.

As expected, FCC eliminates net neutrality

Dec. 14, 2017—In a decision that was as inevitable as a snowman’s doom in warm weather, Federal Communications Commission voted to hand over control of the internet to giant telecommunications corporations.

New service lets Amazon couriers into your home

Oct. 25, 2017—If you’re concerned that “porch pirates” will steal delivered packages from your doorstep, Amazon.com has a solution—let its couriers enter your home to deliver the packages while you’re away.

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Parking locator to make debut in vehicles

Parking-spot locators will be integrated into vehicles as automakers continue to explore ways that they can minimize smartphone-use distraction by drivers, according to transportation-system analyst Adela Spulber. 

Free charging stations

If you have a choice to use a free public USB charging station or a traditional electrical outlet, it’s best to use an outlet.

Saving payment info online: Don’t be compromised

Although it’s widely noted that senior citizens are disinterested in—and even shun—technology and the internet, data that emerged in June 2017 from Creditcards.com indicate that the so-called silent generation (people who were born between 1925 and 1945) is more than twice as likely to store payment information at websites where they purchase goods as are other age groups.

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