• Apple offers reduced price on iPhone battery

    Jan. 2, 2018—After a wave of criticism that included accusations of forcing customers to upgrade their cellphones, Apple lowered the price of replacement batteries on most of its iPhone models.

  • As expected, FCC eliminates net neutrality

    Dec. 14, 2017—In a decision that was as inevitable as a snowman’s doom in warm weather, Federal Communications Commission voted to hand over control of the internet to giant telecommunications corporations.

  • New service lets Amazon couriers into your home

    Oct. 25, 2017—If you’re concerned that “porch pirates” will steal delivered packages from your doorstep, has a solution—let its couriers enter your home to deliver the packages while you’re away.

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  • Craftsman brand sold to Stanley Black & Decker

    Jan. 5, 2017—Typically, to buy a Craftsman product, you have to go to a Sears store. Soon, you’ll be able to buy Craftsman-branded products anywhere.

  • DOE proposes changes to furnace standards

    Sept. 6, 2016—Department of Energy (DOE) finally proposed a new minimum-efficiency standard for gas furnaces, its first since 1992, and our prediction about the shape of the standard proved to be on the mark.

  • Brita unveils smart water filter

    Feb. 29, 2016—It appears that no limit exists for the types of products that can become “smart.” Now, you can buy a smart water filter.

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Travel & Recreation

  • United to restrict carry-on luggage

    Nov. 17, 2016—Further evidence that no matter how bad that it gets when it comes to air travel, it always could get worse comes to us through United Airlines’ announcement of a reduced-fare class that comes with restrictions attached—the biggest being a limit on the size of carry-on luggage.

  • Dunkin’ Donuts to bring out bottled coffee

    Sept. 29, 2016—Dunkin’ Donuts is ready to get into bottled coffee, and its partner in the venture is none other Coca-Cola.

  • DraftKings joins FanDuel in providing league play

    Aug. 15, 2016—As more states move to regulate rather than ban daily fantasy sports (DFS) websites, the websites themselves are going traditional, sort of.

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Lawn & Garden