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Women: Annika Sörenstam says swing into financial action

Annika Sörenstam changed how the world views women’s golf. Now as founder of Annika Financial Group, she wants to change how women view money. Because of her divorce, she says, she understands the traps that women encounter if they aren’t financially aware, so she shared her investing strategy with us.

Sörenstam knew that her golf career would be short-lived, so she adopted an aggressive investing posture 12 years ago. As she began to wind down her career 5 years ago, she ratcheted down her portfolio strategy to a more conservative pace. When she gave birth in 2008, she pulled back more.

Her portfolio is split 50-50 between real estate and other investments. The latter is spread out as follows: over 50 percent in equities, 10 percent in cash and the rest in T-bonds, municipal bonds and commodities. Her investment portfolio is 80 percent domestic and 20 percent international.