The Connected Juicer


We’re aware that manufacturers add Wi-Fi capability to almost every appliance that they make. So it’s no surprise to us that you now can buy a Wi-Fi-enabled juicer.

Backed by $120 million in investments, Juicero launched its Press ($699) in March 2016. The device extracts juice from single-serving packs ($4–$10) of chopped fruits and vegetables that you order online from Juicero. After you insert a pack into the machine, a Wi-Fi connection determines whether the ingredients are fresh (typically within 6 days of delivery). If so, the Press extracts the ingredients into juice and uses Wi-Fi to reorder packs automatically.

Juicero says its juicer cuts down on the expense and time of finding fresh fruits and vegetables and chopping them yourself. We don’t consider that convenience to be worth $699. Unfortunately, the Press works only with Juicero packs, only five flavors are available, and no way exists to customize your juice. As of press time, Juicero is available only in Arizona, California and Nevada but is expected to expand to more states in 2017.