Bakeware Gets a Brighter Look

Although it’s customary to think of dark or shiny gray metal when you think about bakeware, such as cake pans, cookie pans or cupcake trays, we’re seeing a more colorful array of choices in the marketplace.

Anna Wolfe, who is the editor in chief of The Gourmet Retailer, tells us that in the past 3 years, manufacturers turned to different colors, such as blue, green and red, or patterns, such as floral print or ribbons, to liven up their bakeware. Similar cookware has been available for years, she says.

Rose Levy Beranbaum, who is a bakeware expert and the author of The Baking Bible, tells us that if you shop for bakeware that isn’t gray, then you should consider your baking needs. She says she’s found that dark colors tend to conduct heat more quickly than light colors do, which can lead to burned pastries. If having dark bakeware is particularly important to your kitchen decor or table presentation, then you should set the heat lower when you bake to prevent overcooked food, she advises.

Two experts from culinary schools back Levy Beranbaum’s claim. Lauren Haas, who leads the department of International Baking & Pastry Institute at Johnson & Wales University’s College of Culinary Arts, says most professional bakeware is made of shiny, light-gray aluminum, which tends to absorb less heat than dark bakeware does.