Check In on Your Safe

You now can program a smart lock to keep a record in a mobile application of every time that your door is locked and unlocked, so it’s no surprise that one safe company now sells an accessory that allows you to monitor remotely your safe’s interior conditions.

Liberty Safe’s Safelert Monitoring System ($199), which was developed by the wireless-communications company Elertus and introduced in 2013, is a 8-cubic-inch box that runs on two AA batteries and that you place inside your safe. The device connects to your Wi-Fi network and uses its built-in accelerometer and sensors to detect whether your safe door opens or closes, whether the safe is jostled or moved and whether the interior humidity or temperature changes. At any sign of change, the device automatically sends you an alert by email, text or notification to a free Apple iOS or Google Android app.

We saw Safelert demonstrated, and it works as advertised. We haven’t found any other manufacturer that’s developing a similar accessory. However, Safelert can be used in any safe, not just Liberty safes. We also saw the device being used in other enclosed storage areas, such as cabinets, refrigerators and wine cellars.