The Knock On Buying Your Own Wood

Most backyard playsets come with everything that you need for a complete assembly, including the hardware, basic accessories and lumber. If you purchase a playset that requires you to buy the lumber separately, you can save money, but we believe that you’ll spend a lot more time putting the playset together because of additional assembly preparation.

A playset that comes with lumber is convenient, because the lumber is cut to size, sanded, predrilled and prestained, so it’s ready to assemble. If you buy the lumber separately, you should expect to spend at least 20 hours preparing the lumber for assembly, based on our experience and based on the experience of experts. You also must have the proper equipment to cut the lumber to size, to sand it and to drill holes for the playset fasteners.

All of that work would save you at least $250 in overall costs, assuming that you already have the proper equipment, compared with the price that you’d pay for a playset that comes with lumber that’s ready to use, experts tell us.

In the end, you’ll choose between time and money.