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American said to cut legroom further

May 3, 2017—To our complete lack of surprise, airlines continue to stick it to consumers—even as Congress threatens to act if airlines don’t improve their customer service.

United to restrict carry-on luggage

Nov. 17, 2016—Further evidence that no matter how bad that it gets when it comes to air travel, it always could get worse comes to us through United Airlines’ announcement of a reduced-fare class that comes with restrictions attached—the biggest being a limit on the size of carry-on luggage.

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Experts: More airlines eye use of biometrics

JetBlue’s test of facial recognition on passengers who board one of its international flights might represent the launch of the airline industry’s adoption of the technology. 

The airline loyalty program for pets

Korean Air’s Skypets loyalty program for pet passengers has made some aviation experts wonder whether U.S. airlines will provide such a program of their own.

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